Valarm Tank Monitoring Solar Wifi Cost-Effective AGRX tanks sensors Valarm Tools Cloud 0Valarm Tools Cloud Industrial IoT Remote Sensor Vehicle Truck Industrial Equipment Mobile Vehicles Vacuums Pumps Tanks Switches Flows Flowmeters 8Valarm Tools Cloud with Campbell Scientific and Vaisala Sensors for Remotely Monitoring Weather and Wild Fire Risk CroppedWould you like to change a sensor field name? Do you have sensor hubs and sensors attached to Valarm Tools Cloud that could be better labeled? Perhaps you’ve got a sensor for measuring tank levels mapped to channel 1 of your 4-20mA sensor adapter. You can rename that 4-20mA channel to be exactly what you want, e.g., tank of NH4, NO3, O3, NO2, or CO2. This tutorial will show you how to rename your fields / columns on

Valarm Tools Cloud Remote Monitoring Industrial IoT Sensor Telemetry Field Column Renaming Naming Alias Aliases 0First step for renaming your fields – Log in to

Then go to your Device Manager and click the name of your Valarm device you’d like to configure with custom sensor column / field names.

You’ll see a green button that says New, in the upper middle that’s next to the Show Columns dropdown menu. Click that green button to make a new, custom column layout!

Valarm Tools Cloud Remote Monitoring Industrial IoT Sensor Telemetry Field Column Renaming Naming Alias Aliases 2The Column Layout Editor lets you specify a name for your specific field names. You can also add some notes so that you or another member of your organization will quickly and easily know what it is.

Towards the bottom of the editor for field layouts you can set up your sensor aliases. Use the dropdown menu to choose which Valarm sensor field / data channel you want to rename. Then Type your desired field nickname in the text box. Click the + add button to add your column mapping to your column layout. That’s it!

Valarm Tools Cloud Remote Monitoring Industrial IoT Sensor Telemetry Field Column Renaming Naming Alias Aliases 3You can click and drag arrows on the left of each column in order to rearrange your sensor fields.

Set up nicknames to your heart’s content for your devices. You can edit and delete the column layouts / aliases you create by using the blue and red edit and delete buttons. You can see in this example that we’ve mapped key particulate matter air quality measurements from an Alphasense OPC-N2 optical particle counter. We’ve renamed the Calc 1 – 3 fields for our customer SC-AQMD to be more specifically what the sensor reading is, particulate matter sizes in micrometers: PM1, PM2.5, and PM10.

That’s all you need to know to start renaming your sensor fields, making aliases, and configuring column nicknames on Valarm Tools Cloud!

Valarm Tools Cloud Industrial IoT Remote Monitoring Sensor Telemetry Real Time Sensors Dashboard IIoT 1See our Customer Stories page for more info on who’s using Valarm Tools Cloud for remote monitoring solutions across industries like water resources management, chemical distribution, agriculture, governments, and natural resources.

Have a look at our Web Dashboards for real-time Industrial IoT applications and remote sensor telemetry, like monitoring remote water well levels and water usage, wildfire risk and micro-climate weather sensors, and tank farms.


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