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The Valarmy went to Pennsylvania this month to deploy water monitoring systems for effective water management.

Ready for some colder weather + snow, Lorenzo and Edward flew to Pittsburgh to deploy water level sensors with a large upstream natural gas company. Natural gas companies have millions of gallons of water in ponds they’ve tried monitoring before with other solutions.

However, nothing is as rapidly deployable, cost-effective, and high value as Valarm’s open monitoring software platform,, for real-time remote monitoring.

Valarm Esri Seneca Resources Water Monitoring Deployment - 1

Putting together the water monitoring units for effective Water Management that’s IoT-based.

All of the remotely monitored water data is sent in real-time to the via a WiFi hub and a point-to-point radio network. For each deployment we used:

Valarm Esri Seneca Resources Water Monitoring Deployment - 2

Deploying the Valarm unit / raising the tower

Power for the system is supplied by a 90W solar panel and a UPS backup battery setup controlled by a solar charge converter connected to the solar panel + a 115Ah deep cycle marine battery. The Valarm water monitoring units wake up every hour at the top of the hour and send the latest water sensor information to, where the water data is used for decision-making.

Valarm Water Level Monitor Sensor Depth Graph Valarm Tools Cloud

Graph of water depth from Valarm Tools Cloud

Valarm Esri Seneca Resources Water Monitoring Deployment - 3

Preparing the pressure transducer before throwing it into the water to monitor depth

The JSON API is used to forward the sensor data from to the Esri ArcGIS Platform, including Esri GeoEvent Extension and Operations Dashboard. Knowing how much water is available at any given moment is critical for any natural gas company’s operations and also allows them to analyze how much water is being lost to factors like evaporation.

Valarm Esri Seneca Resources Water Monitoring Deployment - 4

Finishing up configuration for a water depth sensor deployment

At Valarm we love helping our customers manage and monitor water. We’ll help your organization improve business operations and run more effectively.

We’ll help you monitor water levels and depths in wells and reservoirs, as well as flow meters, water usage, water flow rates in pipes, and flood warning systems that monitor water levels on bridges, coasts, and throughout smart communities in the USA.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us at if you’ve got any questions.

Valarm Esri Seneca Resources Water Monitoring Deployment - 6

Lorenzo & Edward modeling the guts of a live, finished Valarm unit monitoring water



Valarm Tools Cloud Industrial IoT Remote Monitoring Sensor Telemetry Real Time Sensors Dashboard IIoT 1Valarm Tools Cloud Web Dashboards for Remotely Monitoring Fire Risk + Weather Sensors in Southern California on Esri Maps 7How can you and your organization use Industrial IoT (IIoT), Remote Monitoring, and Telemetry solutions for more effective management of resources?

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Our core product is software.

Our customers use any sensors from anywhere. Like those made by FlowlineAlphasenseIn-Situ, McCrometer, Vaisala, Campbell Scientific, Geokon, SenixDylosAirBeam, Eno Scientific, Clairair, and other hardware manufacturers.

Whether you’re monitoring water wells, flood monitoring systems, or anything else, we’ll recommend the best sensor for your specific scenario or you can connect any sensor brands you need to

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What do you, your teams, and your organization need to remotely monitor?

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