Howdy! We just got back from a wonderful time at the Esri PUG 2015 conference in Houston, Texas.

In the opening plenary Valarm was shown by Esri founder Jack Dangermond when talking about health, safety, and environment. Jacob from Seneca Resources mentioned Valarm in his plenary presentation and showed pictures of the water pond level monitoring deployment we did last fall.

The Valarm booth in the expo got a lot of traffic over the 3 days as we juggled (literally) remote monitoring Industrial IoT sensor needs.

Geoff Wade Valarm Esri Juggling EsriPUG 2015 2

Lorenzo & Edward from Valarm pass juggling around Geoff Wade at the Esri PUG 2015 conference in Houston, Texas

The most asked about topic was water level monitoring for effective water management. Folks also wanted to learn more about how to use for real-time monitoring of various environmental sensors like:


Jack Dangermond Geoff Wade Edward Pultar Valarm Esri PUG Conference 2015 2

Esri founder Jack Dangermond stops by the Valarm booth with Geoff Wade, Esri Natural Resources Manager


Edward from Valarm presented with Jacob from Seneca Resources on “Utilizing Esri and Valarm for Real-Time Water Management” in the Taking GIS to the Field session. Here’s an overview of what we presented: Utilizing Esri’s GeoEvent Processor and Valarm real time sensors, we have developed a network to track and monitor our water resources in the Marcellus, Utica and Geneseo Basins. We are able to track the content of each water storage pond and frack water storage tank in real time, giving our operations team a clear look at our available water assets at any time.

If you didn’t get a chance to stop by the booth, the literature we handed out is below and you can get a printable Valarm for O&G and Natural Resources PDF here.

Valarm PUG Poster 2015


Valarm sensor and monitoring solutions screenshot in Esri PUG 2015 Jack Dangermond Plenary Health Safety Environment copy2

Jack Dangermond talking about O&G + Health, Safety, and Environment with a Valarm sensor monitor screenshot in the bottom right

Valarm sensor and monitoring solutions screenshot in Esri PUG 2015 Jacob from Seneca in Plenary water pond level monitoring copy2

Jacob from Seneca’s plenary presentation on water pond monitoring with Valarm & Esri

Below is the full video from the Esri PUG 2015 conference with Jacob Boyle of Seneca Resources presenting how the organization uses Valarm & Esri for real-time monitoring!


We can monitor and juggle anything, anywhere! Here’s a short video clip of Valarm Brothers / Founders Lorenzo & Edward pass juggling clubs at the booth this year in Houston, Texas!

Valarm is a safe, reliable contractor as determined by ISNetworld and ISNetworld contracting clients.memberCeLogo_small software is used around the world for rapidly deployable, real-time, geo-enabled Industiral IoT sensor and monitoring solutions. Wow, that was a mouthful.


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