At the 2015 Esri Partner Conference & Dev Summit, Valarm brothers / founders Lorenzo & Edward were interviewed at the E380 studio about the latest developments at Valarm.

Watch the video above for the interview where we talk about rapidly deployable + cost-effective Valarm sensor and monitoring solutions that you can easily use with the Esri ArcGIS platform. monitors anything, anywhere – what does your organization need to monitor?


Here are some example real world use cases where Valarm is deployed to do things like:


You can get all of your sensor hubs and sensors at They’re all compatible with Esri GIS software.

Once you have the sensor and environmental monitoring hardware you can easily link your sensors to following the less than 4-minute video on How To Use Valarm.

Our Industrial IoT Customers monitor sensors made by various hardware manufacturers around the world. Customer favorites include Flowline, Senix, Yoctopuce, and Alphasense, but you can monitor any sensors you need. We’re here and happy to help you deploy your most effective remote monitoring systems.



Please don’t hesitate to contact us at if you’ve got any questions.

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