More news on the California drought and legislation from KPCC: (read the whole article here)

The Legislative Analyst’s Office believes that California must focus on the most urgent human and environmental drought related needs, and that the severity of the drought makes these actions necessary. Rachel Ehlers, principal fiscal and policy analyst at the Legislative Analyst’s Office, said it’s also necessary that the Legislature make decisions that will keep the state resilient in what is likely to be a future of more intense droughts.

The LAO report summarizes its recommendations like this:

  • Adopt Governor’s emergency response and environmental protection funding proposals for 2016-17.
  • Request additional information to evaluate merit of Greenhouse Gas Reduction Fund conservation proposals.
  • Identify Issues that require longer-term funding and strategies.
  • Require departments to assess and report on effectiveness of state’s drought response.
  • Identify and enact additional steps the state should take now to prepare for future droughts.

Check out the whole article here.

With additional funding to better prepare California for drought conditions, will come great opportunities for companies that work in environmental consulting to provide solutions and data for better drought related analysis.

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