Hey, we released our first update since launch!

This update includes support for the Yoctopuce Yocto-Light sensor, and fixes a handful of bugs. It also changes the built-in light sensor handling to a pair of sliders for setting min/max, and adds a calibration screen to help discover the max-value output by the built-in ambient light sensor. At the same time we replaced the “calibrate” buttons on each of the built-in sensors to a nice little ‘gear’ icon, which takes up a lot less space in our already jammed user interface.

Valarm compatible sensors are available at shop.valarm.net.

A couple of bug fixes are (naturally) included. First, the SMTP “Secure Port” setting for sending email was not stored correctly: instead it was overwritten by the value for the non-secure port. This didn’t present any security issues, because the code that connects to the SMTP server would complain and die when it tried that port and the server on the other end responded incorrectly. We missed it because most of the SMTP services we tested with actually use the same port for both secure and non-secure SMTP. This bug was discovered by Sebastien at Yoctopuce: thanks Seb!

We also fixed a couple of extremely rare bugs with OBD2 support (a crash on disarming).

But the biggest part of this update is a deep refactoring of one of our major data structures. This was really painful and luckily we were able to do it NOW, before we had a ton of customer data to convert. The new data structure will make it  more efficient (bandwidth and storage) for us to support many, many more sensors in the future, as we gear up for a push toward general-use DAQ (data acquisition) via USB and Bluetooth connected sensors.