Florida Atlantic University Harbor Branch Oceanographic Institute was granted funds by the State Legislature to install real-time monitors to track:

  • Water flow
  • Salinity
  • Cloudiness
  • And Contaminants

that enter the estuaries from Lake O as well as several canals and streams. They call their devices “Lobos”.


Agency: Florida Atlantic University’ Harbor Branch Oceanographic Institute

Where: St. Lucie River’s North and South forks; the mid-estuary near the Roosevelt Bridge; “The Crossroads” where the Manatee Pocket, St. Lucie River and Indian River Lagoon meet; lagoon north of the river; Jensen Beach.

The Ocean Research & Conservation Association also has monitors installed under the same grant. Their devices are called “Kilroys”.

Founder and CEO of ORCA Edith “Edie” Widder said “The monitors already are providing so much information, I need more hours in the day to look at it all.” There are terrific analysis tools that help analyze all that data, many of these are provided by a Valarm Business Partner, Esri.


Agency: Ocean Research & Conservation Association

Sites: North Fork of St. Lucie River, Palm City Bridge, C-23 and C-24 canals, Manatee Pocket, Willoughby Creek.

Read the whole story about the monitoring being done by Florida Atlantic University and ORCA at TCPALM.

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