Valarm Edward On Stage Plenary Presentation Esri PUG 2014

Last week Valarm presented Industrial IoT sensor monitoring systems in the plenary presentation at the Esri PUG 2014 conference. We did a live sensor demo showing Valarm’s real-time sensor and monitoring solutions sending data into the Esri ArcGIS GeoEvent Server and Operations Dashboard.

A volunteer from the audience came up and and breathed on a temperature / humidity / pressure weather sensor and when the dashboard widget showed the increase on the big screen there were ooohs and aaahs from the crowd as well as applause. Some PUG conference attendees came by the Valarm booth in the conference expo and said Valarm’s plenary presentation was their favorite of the day. We’re flattered!

Valarm Team At Booth during Esri PUG 2014

Above is the “Valarmy” that came to the Esri PUG 2014 conference: Lorenzo, Pawel, Edward, and Smith. There was great interest in Valarm’s real-time, rapidly deployable, and mobile sensor / monitoring solutions! Particularly we saw interest in using to remotely monitor:

Monitoring sensors with to conform to government regulations was another hot topic. is an open platform, so your organization can use sensors made by any hardware manufacturer.

Our customers have favorite Industrial IoT sensor brands like Flowline, Alphasense, Yoctopuce, Vaisala, and Senix. And you can use any combination of sensor technologies you need. We’re here and happy to help you deploy your most effective remote monitoring systems.


Talk to use at if you’ve got any questions.



Below is the Valarm overview document we handed out at the booth (printable PDF version available here).

Valarm Overview One Sheet

Valarm + Esri Arc GIS IoT Overview