How do chemical and fertilizer retailers effectively manage products and operations?

You may already know that you save time and money by remotely monitoring your equipment and assets, like tanks, with Industrial IoT sensors.

Especially when you use a flexible, open platform that’s cost-effective.

You’ll see just how it’s done in this customer story about web dashboards and Industrial IoT applications monitoring tanks.

How does Your tank monitoring work?

Level sensors automatically measure how much product you’ve got. In these photos you’re seeing level sensors measuring product volumes in tanks, like fertilizers, chemicals, lime sulfur, and oil.

These tank monitoring systems regularly upload level sensor information to

On, all of your historical and current, real-time sensor measurements are available for mapping, graphing and analytics.

Web dashboards integrate sensor readings from remote monitoring systems by using the JSON APIs.

In the screenshots you’ll see the current levels and volumes, in gallons, of how much product is contained in each tank right now.

Each of these monitoring systems can be connected to multiple tanks, and has these key components:

  • Level Sensor – like the blue Flowline sensors you see in the photos
  • Yoctopuce Sensor Hubs – send sensor information to via WiFi, mobile cell phone network, or ethernet
  • Sensor Adapters – connect to sensor hubs and level sensors, usually 4-20 mA protocol if you’re using Flowline or Senix level sensors
  • Power Source – your monitoring systems need juice, where does it come from? You can use solar panel power or standard mains electricity / wall power like 110V

The list above describes the key pieces used by this customer, a full service agricultural fertilizer and chemical business retailer in California, to remotely monitor the tanks and dashboard you’re seeing in the photos.

Since is a flexible software platform, you can monitor Industrial IoT sensor hardware made by just about any sensor manufacturer. In the pictures you’re seeing hardware and sensors made by a variety of companies.

Whether you need to monitor tanks, water, or anything else, you can use hardware you already have or we can help you decide and recommend favorite hardware that our customers prefer, like SeametricsFlowline, Senix, Geokon, In-Situ, Yoctopuce, McCrometer, and ClairAir.

Take a gander below at our other Web Dashboards that improve operations and effectiveness with remote monitoring systems:


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