What do You think a Smart City is?

Perhaps the term Smart Cities means something different to each person. What really makes your city smart?

The community and discipline is relatively young and we’re all still learning what Smart Cities really are.

Edward as a ninja at #SCEWC17

We recently went to the Smart Cities Expo 2017 conference in beautiful Barcelona, Spain. We learned and shared more about how Tools.Valarm.net and remote monitoring with Industrial IoT sensors make cities smarter.

Many folks would agree that Smart Cities are a combination of the technologies that allow cities to operate more effectively, improving efficiencies and operations of your critical urban infrastructures and services like:

  • Water monitoring – e.g., flooding, water levels, groundwater, water quality, wastewater, water wells and flow meters
  • Air monitoring – e.g., particulate matter like PM2.5 and gases like methane / CH4
  • Parking – automatic notifications and real-time knowledge of parking spaces
  • Street lights – intelligent lighting, efficient LED light bulbs, attaching WiFi and sensors to light posts, CC TV and video capture for safety and security
  • Transportation – location aware transport with real-time info like trains, buses, trams, and self-driving cars
  • Refuse, garbage, and recycling trucks – incentives for citizens to recycle, optimization of vehicle routes and pick ups
  • Noise monitoringdecibels, noise levels, sound intensity, Acoustic or Sound Pressure Level / SPL meters

Thumbs up for Smart Cities

We’re fortunate to be part of various Smart City initiatives like flood warning systems on the east coast of the US.

And we have plenty of experiences and stories to share about remotely monitoring things like:

Have a look at our Customer Stories and Web Dashboards to learn more.

Overall, this Smart Cities conference event was well put together. We met folks from cities all over the world at this conference.

All Smiles at the Booth! 🙂

We met government officials and even mayors that traveled all the way to this congress to share and learn about this fast growing field.

It was excellent to see such a wide variety of cultures all together in one place, all working together to help communities around the globe to be safer and healthier.

Huge thanks goes out to Michael Gould, Frank Holsmuller, and the teams at Esri for inviting us to attend and share their booth space at this Smart Cities conference.




We’ll be honest with you. You probably are able to tell what’s legit and what’s not. We won’t claim to be the best at every possible Smart City application, but with our expertise we’ll help you, your teams, and your organization deploy your most effective monitoring solutions for applications we know, like water monitoring systems.

Tools.Valarm.net software is an open platform for remotely monitoring what’s valuable for your organization, like water levels or flood warning systems. Valarm Tools is flexible. Our Industrial IoT sensor monitoring software is compatible with any hardware, software, electrical power source (e.g., solar or 110V mains), and internet connectivity, like GSM, Ingenu RPMA, and WiFi.

Our customers integrate a variety of sensors made by various hardware manufacturers, whichever makes the most sense for the particular application. For example, our customers use industrial strength sensors made by companies like Flowline, Geokon, Clair Air, McCrometer, In-Situ, and Senix.

We’ll recommend the best monitoring systems and solutions for you, whether you’d like to use Web Dashboards, or any other analytics, packages, and applications that help you improve your business operations while increasing effectiveness.

Take a gander at our Customer Stories Page to see how you’ll save time and money with Tools.Valarm.net.

Please don’t hesitate to Contact Us at Info@Valarm.net if you’ve got any questions. We’d love to learn how we can help you, your teams, and your organization.