What’s 4-20 mA mean to you?

The 4-20 mA sensor standard is quite useful if you need to do remote monitoring and Industrial IoT.

Simply connect your sensor hubs and 4-20mA sensor adapters to Tools.Valarm.net to effectively monitor your organization’s assets, water, tanks, wells, fluid levels, or anything else.

4-20 mA is an international sensor standard that’s been around for decades. Since long before the Internet of Things and drones.

If your organization is working with industrial equipment and assets, then you’ve likely run into the 4-20mA standard before. Here are a few examples of what our customers monitor with 4-20mA:

Who makes sensors compatible with 4-20 mA output? Hardware manufacturers around the world offer standards that output 4-20mA. Since Tools.Valarm.net is an open platform, you can use any brands of sensors you like best. Here are a few favorites from our customers that are deployed in the field and remotely monitored:

By using 4-20mA sensors, along with any other sensors you need, your organization gains intelligence to quickly monitor things for industries like:


What other sensor standards do you use for remotely monitoring industrial assets?

This article is 1 of a series where we’ll explain just how useful each sensor standard is for your organization’s particular remote monitoring needs. See our other article in this series on how especially useful the PWM / Pulse Width Modulation sensor standard is for remotely monitoring Industrial IoT sensor devices.

Take a gander at Shop.Valarm.net and our Customer Stories page for real world use cases / case studies.

You’ll see how 4-20mA sensors are sometimes all you need to get your job done, like with monitoring tanks or flood water levels. And we’re quite flexible since your Industrial IoT devices connect to Valarm Tools Cloud via any internet connectivity, like 3G/4G GSM mobile cell networks, LTE, WiFi, Ethernet, LPWAN, or RPMA like Ingenu.

On our Industrial IoT Cases Studies / Use Cases page you’ll see how our customers combine 4-20mA sensors with other sensor standards like:

How do you visualize, map, analyze, alert, warn, get intelligent, or do anything with your remote monitoring information?

Have a look at how Tools.Valarm.net customers monitor 4-20mA sensors with these web-based dashboards.


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