You’re remotely monitoring your industrial equipment, assets, and machinery with Industrial IoT sensors. Now what? You’ll probably want to have a simple, easy solution where you can know what’s going on, no matter where you are. This is where web dashboards come to the rescue and save the day.

In this customer story, you’ll see how an engineering and fluid power business, Micron Eagle, monitors things like:

  • Industrial Equipment and Machinery
  • Temperatures
  • Sensors that output the 4-20 mA sensor standard
  • Hydraulics
  • RPMs with PWM (Pulse Width Modulation) Sensor Adapters for Counting Pulses
  • Pressures in Pounds per Square Inch (psi)
  • Pumps

How does it work?

You’re seeing pictures of the Valarm web dashboard, which shows the latest sensor information from each of the Industrial IoT sensors connected to sensor hubs. The sensor hubs send the sensor measurements to via any internet connectivity, e.g., WiFi, ethernet, or GSM mobile cell phone network.

You’re also seeing photos of the sensor hardware deployed in the field: a few PWM and 4-20 mA sensor adapters.

We designed and developed this custom web dashboard with the customer to meet their needs. And we continue to refine, improve, and further develop it as our customer needs.

Do you, your teams, and Your organization need custom web dashboards, using Your domain and Your organization’s logo?

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Take a gander at our other web dashboards for monitoring: is an open, flexible software platform so you can monitor sensor hardware made by just about any manufacturer.

Whether you need to monitor water, piezometers, flood warning systems, or anything else, we’ll help you decide which sensors work best for your environment. And if you already have sensors in the field and just need to add cost-effective telemetry, we’re happy to help you with that too.

Have a look at our Customer Stories page where you’ll see Industrial IoT applications and use cases that integrate sensors made by a variety of hardware manufacturers like Flowline, Senix, Clairair, In-Situ, McCrometer, Geokon, and other IoT sensor companies.


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