Flood Monitoring Systems

Need to remotely monitor water levels? How about other liquids and fluids? Take a gander at the video above for an overview of using flood monitoring systems with Tools.Valarm.net .

You’ll see in the video how we work with you, your teams, and your organization, to quick and easily deploy early warning systems. Need to be alerted of water levels risks? We’ll help you with that too.

Take a gander at these Smart Cities using Tools.Valarm.net with flood warning systems:


Tools.Valarm.net software is an open platform so you can use Industrial IoT sensors made by any hardware manufacturer, whether you need telemetry systems for water or other factors.

Pick your favorite, have a look at what our customers use, and we’re happy to help you decide what remote monitoring system components will work best for you.


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Video Voiceover / Transcript:

Howdy! This is Edward from Valarm. Quick question for you – Is your water rising? You’ll learn about flood monitoring systems in this video. By remotely monitoring water, fluids, and liquid levels, your organization can automatically trigger early warning alerts when the levee breaks or whenever water levels are rising.

We’ve worked with government agencies around the United States (like City of Virginia Beach and Newport News City) to develop remote monitoring systems for mounting over bridges, rivers and streams.

With these rugged and reliable sensor + software solutions, your organizations gets ready-to-go, out of the box systems for remote water level monitoring, flood warnings, and early flood detection.

These rapidly deployable devices provide water level information at regular intervals you customize. You can get your water sensor data as often as you need it.

Water sensor information is automatically sent to Tools.Valarm.net for visualization, historical analysis, and early warning alerting. Tools.Valarm.net provides an easy to manage, easy to view dashboard of sensor status. Water level sensors upload data to the cloud via any internet connection, like WiFi, ethernet, CDMA, Ingenu, or GSM cell network.

The cost-effective systems are used for alerts, early warning systems, flood risks, and flood prediction for Smart Cities.

Organizations also use historical sensor data from these water monitoring systems for analytics and to better understand environmental behavior.

The Valarm system consists of the following things:

  • Communications Hub – WiFi, ethernet, or mobile cell networks like GSM & CDMA
  • Sensor Adapter / Data Logger like 4-20mA or 0-10V
  • Ultrasonic Level Sensor (Any Brand From Any Hardware Manufacturer, like Flowline or Senix)
  • Solar Panel, Battery Power & Charging System

These flood monitoring systems are compact. They can be easily mounted on any surface or pipe / fence post. After dropping them in the field,  these systems immediately give you distance and water level readings from their GPS-tagged locations.

Tools.Valarm.net provides real-time access to all of your flood monitoring units. You,’ll know your current conditions across all of the remote locations you’re monitoring.

That’s the overview of flood monitoring systems with Tools.Valarm.net. Have a look at our customer stories and web dashboards on www.Valarm.net for more info on how Industrial IoT sensors are doing remote monitoring for all industries and applications like:

Are you ready to improve your organization’s operations and save time and money with effective remote monitoring systems?

Please don’t hesitate to talk to me at Info@Valarm.net if you’ve got any questions. Thank you for watching.