tools-valarm-net-press-netscout-expert-interview-dr-edward-pultar-phd-sensor-telemetry-remote-monitoring-air-quality-water-resources-management-iiot-industrial-iotWhat’s the Latest, Multiverse-Warping Innovation for Remote Monitoring and Industrial IoT?

That’s an excellent question! And 1 of many questions Edward answered in this “expert” opinion interview.

Thanks to Netscout for finding us, doing the interview and coming up with fantastic questions like:

  • What’s the value of remote monitoring to the organizations you work with?

  • How has remote monitoring evolved since you started your career?

  • How can organizations ensure their Industrial IoT and remote monitoring systems are Secure?

  • What’s the future of remote monitoring? Where’s the industry going in the next 5 or 10 years?

Valarm NPNRD Water Flow Monitor Deployment Aquaculture Fish Farm Agriculture Center Pivot Irrigation Irrigator Nebraska Lorenzo EdwardYou want the answers / opinions? Have a look at the interview article with Dr. Edward Pultar.

And no, you don’t need to call Ed a doctor! Contact us at and let us know your thoughts on the story. Do you agree about the impacts and future of Industrial IoT and remote monitoring in YOUR industry and organization?

You know the world moves quickly. Has IoT really been goin’ on since before Y2K? Yes, you’ve had telemetry and the ability to monitor remote sensors for a long time! Some of the same sensor technologies and standards from the 1950’s are still heavily used today, like 4-20mA.

They’re that good. Or, at least some sensors are now proven to work well for you, since they’ve been around and deployed around the world with effective results for so many years. Ignoring the hype and buzzwords while being in it for the long haul is 1 of the opinions and ideas talked about in the interview.

Jack Dangermond Geoff Wade Edward Pultar Valarm Esri PUG Conference 2015 2Now for today – How does all of this historical and modern, futuristic technology get combined to deliver the best remote monitoring and IIoT solutions for Your organization?

Have a look at our Customer Stories page to get an idea of how effective monitoring is done for industries like:

Whether you need your remote monitoring information on web dashboards, real-time alerts, 3D GIS maps, or anything else. We understand Your Industrial IoT needs.


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