Do you need to monitor greenhouses or hydroponics gardens for any of the following sensor factors?

You can now get a kit for monitoring these factors from

Then you’ll know how your growing’s going no matter where you are!

You can also make your own kit using any combination of sensors and sensor hubs.

Or buy ready-to-go hydroponics greenhouse system packages that connect to Valarm Tools Cloud using:


Integrate your greenhouse hydroponics sensor information into a real-time webpage dashboard! Here are a few customer examples of web dashboards for monitoring:

Please don’t hesitate to contact us at if you have any questions or if your organization needs a custom web dashboard.

Also have a look at our Industrial IoT Customer Stories for more info who’s using Valarm deployments in various industries around the world.


Voiceover / Video Transcript:

Howdy, this is Edward from Valarm!

In this video you’ll learn how to remotely monitor environments like greenhouses and hydroponic gardens. Do you need to know CO2 (carbon dioxide), temperature, humidity, light, and other sensor factors?

This tutorial shows you step by step how to see all of your remote sensor information with a web browser on any device like a phone or tablet. You can also receive custom alerts and warnings. For example if CO2 goes too high or low, the lights go out, the humidity in your greenhouse drops, or the temperature goes too low.

You can get a greenhouse, hydroponics monitoring kit on that has all the pieces you’ll need like you see here:

  • Sensor hub for uploading sensor data to the cloud via WiFi or 3G GSM cell network
  • Meteo sensor that monitors temperature, humidity, and pressure
  • Light sensor to know what the current lux lumens light levels are
  • CO2 sensor for measuring current parts per million, or ppm, of carbon dioxide in our atmosphere

Once you’ve got everything connected, plug your Valarm greenhouse monitoring unit into your computer’s USB port to do 1 time initial configuration settings for linking your sensor hubs to your account.

If you haven’t already done this before then watch our video tutorial on connecting your sensor hubs to

With your sensor hub linked and sensors mapped to field columns you’ll see your latest greenhouse and hydroponics garden information at on maps and graphs and you can set up email alerts for your custom thresholds. Now you can know how your garden’s growing from anywhere in the world with an internet connection.

See our other video tutorial on email alerts to learn how you can set threshold ranges and get alerted whenever conditions aren’t what you want. Perhaps a light goes out and your growing is no longer optimized, now you’ll know if there’s a problem no matter where you are!

If you need to monitor any additional factors like water, or other assets like tanks and vehicles, then have a look at our other videos and our webpage at You’ll find for more info on how you can add additional sensors to your Valarm systems on our blog.

Also, if you and your teams or organizations need web-based dashboards, you can use our APIs like JSON to make your own or we can make a custom dashboard webpage for you with your logo, widgets, graphics, and interactive maps.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us at if you have any questions.

Or you can give us a call at +1 (424) 442-0963.

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