Valarm Industrial IoT at Esri Geodesign GISGeodesign gives you a framework and technology to solve difficult challenges. We recently presented Industrial IoT and remote monitoring solutions at the Esri Geodesign 2016 Summit in Redlands, California. In the photo you’ll see Lorenzo and Edward at our booth where we showed how Valarm is used for sensor telemetry in various industries to monitor industrial and commercial assets like:

We helped answer questions on a bunch of different Industrial IoT applications for Geodesign like facilities monitoring, air quality telemetry, and and other sensor factors. The last time we were at the Geodesign conference was 2 years ago in 2014, so it was impressive to see how much Geodesign and GIS has grown since then!

Valarm Esri Geohub LA Jack Dangermond Mayor Eric Garcetti Industrial IoT Applications Remote Monitoring Water SensorsDuring the same week as Geodesign we were invited to the unveiling of the new GeoHub for the city of Los Angeles, California. This is an innovative collaboration between the L.A. Mayor’s office, Eric Garcetti, and Esri.

We’re excited for this new public platform for location-based open data! Really cool idea to have this transparency. As the mayor mentioned it allows citizens and basically anyone to help make the city a better, safer place.

Hopefully this idea will catch on and we’ll see GeoHubs in more cities providing an easy way for people to explore, visualize, and download open geodata for maps as well as mobile and web applications. We look forward to helping provide stationary + mobile sensor data for any organization and having one repository like GeoHub makes it easier for everyone to acquire open geo data for GIS and other analytics / intelligence systems for big data. To learn more check out L.A.’s GeoHub website!

How can your organization or business use Industrial IoT to run more effectively? Have a look at our IIoT Customer Stories Page for use cases from industries like natural resources, water management, chemical distribution, and oil & gas.

Once you’ve got your asset data in the cloud, what do you do with it? Do you need alerts or an executive dashboard to monitor what’s going on in the field? In real-time? See our Web Dashboards for Industrial IoT used by customers to remotely monitor sensor telemetry from industrial assets like water wells, chemical tanks, forest fire risk, and water usage.

Have any questions? Please don’t hesitate to contact us via email or ring us up at +1 (424) 442-0963 and we’ll get it figured out.