tools-valarm-net-industrial-iot-remote-monitoring-sensor-telemetry-valarm-tools-cloud-sensors-el-camino-santiago-compostela-spain-4Does your organization need to monitor anything, anywhere? Like El Camino de Santiago de Compostela in Spain?

This is a fun blog story write-up on just that. Earlier this month, Edward from the Valarmy went on a walk from Sarria to Santiago in Galicia, España. Wearing seashells on your body or backpack is totally optional, Ed chose not to, although it seems pretty much everyone’s doing the seashell thing.

The Camino de Santiago is a challenging, exciting journey that in this case was monitored by Valarm with a mobile, GPS-tagged accelerometer sensor, which you’re seeing in the 3D earth globe map visualizations here from

tools-valarm-net-industrial-iot-remote-monitoring-sensor-telemetry-valarm-tools-cloud-sensors-el-camino-santiago-compostela-spain-1tools-valarm-net-industrial-iot-remote-monitoring-sensor-telemetry-valarm-tools-cloud-sensors-el-camino-santiago-compostela-spain-13Walking just over 100km in a week, this particular pilgrimage was “sobre la marcha sin prisa”, or with no hurries nor worries. Which is slow for some who’ve walked the way, however this is all about the long game and enjoying the journey. In the end, this journey certainly makes for beautiful 3D map visualizations of the northwestern corner of Spain. It’s far from the Pyrenees mountains and the Mediterranean Sea. It’s an adventure in Galicia by the coast of the Atlantic Ocean.

tools-valarm-net-industrial-iot-remote-monitoring-sensor-telemetry-valarm-tools-cloud-sensors-el-camino-santiago-compostela-spain-14 tools-valarm-net-industrial-iot-remote-monitoring-sensor-telemetry-valarm-tools-cloud-sensors-el-camino-santiago-compostela-spain-2If you’ve ever considered being a pilgrim and walking The Walk, a.k.a., El Camino, it’s highly recommended. This final trajectory you see here is from Sarria to Santiago de Compostela. It’s pretty much guaranteed you’ll meet all sorts of delightful characters and learn about them and yourself. Folks from all walks and stages of life end up on this walk that can start from just about anywhere and everywhere, like France, Rome in Italy, or China!



If you get at least 2 stamps / sellos per day on your credencial then you’re eligible for a compostela in Santiago at the end of your epic journey.

tools-valarm-net-industrial-iot-remote-monitoring-sensor-telemetry-valarm-tools-cloud-sensors-el-camino-santiago-compostela-spain-17tools-valarm-net-industrial-iot-remote-monitoring-sensor-telemetry-valarm-tools-cloud-sensors-el-camino-santiago-compostela-spain-16You’ll rack up stamps at albergues, refugios, octopus restaurants / pulperías, and almost any other establishment along the way.

Remember to take it slow and enjoy the journey although that’ll probably happen without you needing a reminder.

And you’ll likely see many a beautiful sunset like this 1 from the final evening of this walk.

tools-valarm-net-industrial-iot-remote-monitoring-sensor-telemetry-valarm-tools-cloud-sensors-el-camino-santiago-compostela-spain-12tools-valarm-net-industrial-iot-remote-monitoring-sensor-telemetry-valarm-tools-cloud-sensors-el-camino-santiago-compostela-spain-11Where is this? Where in the world is Carmen San Diego, Waldo, and/or El Camino de Santiago? Need a quick geography lesson? (¿Hablas español castellano?)

You can start your pilgrimage wherever you want, however you’ll probably end up in Santiago de Compostela in Galicia, located in the northwestern corner of Spain just above Portugal.

Tabular GPS-tagged sensor data? So much prettier, and cooler, to see your mobile, geo-tagged sensors on 3D maps at!


valarm-tools-cloud-industrial-iot-remote-monitoring-sensor-telemetry-industry-4-0-gaba-german-american-business-association-event-3Do you and your organization need to monitor air quality, water, and/or remote, industrial assets?

While we do love to go on long walks on the beach, trails, or pretty much anywhere else… we do thoroughly understand your remote monitoring needs.

You can use sensor hardware made by any manufacturer with, like sensors made by Flowline, Senix, Campbell Scientific, McCrometer, and In-Situ.

And we help monitor plenty more for our Industrial IoT customers around the world in various industries. Some of our favorites include:



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