How are Industrial IoT sensors installed for monitoring water levels and flooding today?

This article talks about just that. Smart Cities in the USA have deployed deployed water level monitoring systems on bridges, in marinas, and other locations where flood risks are prevalent.

You, your teams, and your organization have flexible options for powering monitoring systems. You’ll learn more in the story about how to provide power to IoT sensor devices for water management.

How can water monitoring systems upload and send information to cloud databases for mapping, graphing, prediction, alerting, and other business intelligence / analytics? This story from IoT Evolution also discusses your options for internet connectivity for your environmental and water monitoring systems. You’ve probably heard of the latest buzzwords for IoT connectivity and you’ll see how real world IoT customer success stories apply various technologies like GSM cell networks, CDMA, LPWAN, LoRa, Ethernet, and WiFi.

A large thanks goes out to the folks at IoT Evolution World for publishing the story about managing water with IoT sensors, telemetry, and Industry 4.0 technologies.

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