Your organization can use Industrial IoT sensor devices to remotely monitor equipment and assets in distant facilities, far out there in the field. Once you’re monitoring with you’ll probably want to know the answers to some of these questions:

From cold chain monitoring, fleets of chemical, industrial cleaning trucks and other dynamic vehicles, to agriculture, air quality, water usage, and other asset monitoring, you’ll receive custom email alerts (or SMS / Text Message Alerts) when your specific, desired conditions are satisfied.

  1. You can set up your email alerts by logging into Valarm Tools Cloud,
  2. Go to the Device Manager and click the name of your Valarm Connector Device / Sensor Hub to see your device details page like the screenshot
  3. Hold your mouse over the orange Configure Data Path button and then select Outbound Alerts
  4. Then you’ll see the window for configuring threshold responses and outbound alerts

Email Alerts for Industrial IoT Applications with Valarm Tools Cloud Remote Monitoring Telemetry 3

You’ll see 4 slots or channels (8 if you have Pro Tools, contact us for more info) where you can set up different email alerts for any of your remote telemetry monitoring sensors. First be sure to enable any email alerts you set up by checking the box next to Enabled. For the format of your email alert you can choose human-readable (English) or machine-readable (JSON). Use the dropdown menu to set the Alert Limit – how many notification emails you’ll receive when a sensor triggers your event.

Choose your rate throttle, e.g., 30 seconds. Here’s more on the sensor email alert rate throttle: The system will not send out alerts more often than the limit set here. Inbound data which would produce an alert but instead has been throttled by this setting, will be recorded in your datalog, but will NOT generate an outbound alert. “All Clear” messages are never throttled.

Check the box next to Send All Clear if you’d like to receive an email message notifying you that your alert conditions have cleared, e.g., temperature is back inside your satisfactory range. Enter you or your team’s email addresses (separate multiple emails with a comma) where you want to receive alerts. Use your email address that’s associated with your phone, tablet, or other mobile device if you want to receive email alerts wherever you happen to be!

Email Alerts for Industrial IoT Applications with Valarm Tools Cloud Remote Monitoring Telemetry 6Use the Input Channel dropdown box to select from any of the Valarm compatible sensors you’d like to configure an alert for. This could be sensors from any manufacturer like those that use 4-20mA, RS-232, 0-10V, RS-485, or other industry standards for sensors.

The Threshold Comparator lets you choose what you’re concerned about with your remote sensor values. You can set up email alerts for these conditions:

  • Greater than “>”
  • Greater than or equal to “>=”
  • Less than “<“
  • Less than or equal to “<=”
  • Equals exactly “==”
  • Between Range “> + <“
  • Outside Range “< + >”

Email Alerts for Industrial IoT Applications with Valarm Tools Cloud Remote Monitoring Telemetry 7After you’ve chosen what sensor conditions you’d like to receive email alerts for, you can set the threshold values. In the screenshot you’ll see an example of an email alert that will be sent whenever humidity is outside of the range of 40% and 80%.

So if the humidity of your remote asset, e.g., courier package in a fleet vehicle, is 33% or 83% then you’ll receive an email alert with the subject and notes that you set up. If your Industrial IoT application stays within the configured range, e.g., 55% or 67%, you won’t get an alert.

You’ll only get an alert email when something goes wrong and your threshold is met.

Email Alerts for Industrial IoT Applications with Valarm Tools Cloud Remote Monitoring Telemetry 4-4After the condition has cleared you’ll get a confirmation email that everything’s ok again. For this example you’d get up to 2 email alerts while the humidity is above 80% and then once the humidity’s back below 80%, yet still above 40%, you’ll get an All Clear email like you see in the screenshot.

Need to send SMS / Text Message Alerts for your Industrial IoT applications, sensor telemetry, and remotely monitored assets?

Have a look at this write-up that shows you how to use Valarm Tools Cloud + Twilio to send SMS Text Message alerts to phones and other mobile devices!

Whether you’re working with sensors made by Flowline, Alphasense, Campbell Scientific, Eno Scientific, McCrometer, Doran, Senix, SeametricsClair Air, or any other hardware manufacturer, gives you effective alerting and early warning systems.

Email Alerts for Industrial IoT Applications with Valarm Tools Cloud Remote Monitoring Telemetry 5

These are simple examples that will work with any email client. Remember that these email alerts will work with any sensors used by any industries. For example:

Have a look at our Industrial IoT Customer Stories Page to see who’s using Valarm in various industries like water resources management, oil & gas, industrial cleaning vehicles, tank fluid monitoring, agriculture, moving assets, governments, upstream natural gas, refinery services, chemical distribution.

How else do you know what’s going on with your remote assets?

See our Web Dashboards for Remote Monitoring, Telemetry, Sensors & Industrial IoT.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us at if you’ve got any questions, or if your business or organization needs help with Industrial IoT applications!