We’re always looking to improve the Valarm Industrial IoT sensor monitoring platform and help you perform your remote monitoring more easily and effectively.

This write-up is an overview of the updates done in January 2015 for Tools.Valarm.net, our SaaS for real-time, geotagged sensor data.


Valarm Tools Cloud Device Manager Details Set Assign Stationary Device Location Esri ArcGIS Platform Maps

Assign stationary device device location – New functionality for easily setting the location of your devices that won’t be moving. Use this for any stationary Valarm connector hardware, including Yocto Hubs. You can click on the map to set the location or enter latitude and longitude coordinates in the fields in the bottom right part of the window then click the orange arrow to set your location. There’s also a wide variety of basemaps you can use to find exactly where your remote environmental monitoring deployments are: Open Street Map, National Geographic, Satellite Imagery, Streets, and more.


Valarm Tools Cloud From To Date Selector Time Stays Same Between Features

Dates for selecting sensor data are remembered throughout each login – From and To dates are stored and by default stay the same between the different features on Valarm Tools Cloud – Device Manager, Esri ArcGIS Tools, Analytical mapping. For example, if you’re looking at all of your data for exactly the past 3.5 days you’ll only have to use the calendar and select From and To dates one time.


Valarm Tools Cloud Device Manager JSON API REST-Push URLs Endpoint Server

Push API for device groups – this has been rewritten from the ground up and timeouts added in order to avoid queue jams. Use this to push your real-time sensor data to endpoints like the Esri GeoEvent Extension for ArcGIS Server and the Operations Dashboard.


Please don’t hesitate to contact us at Info@Valarm.net if you have any requests, questions, or suggestions. We’re here and ready to help you, your teams, and your organization deploy effective Industrial IoT sensor monitoring solutions.