valarm-tools-cloud-mushroom-monitoring-industrial-iot-sensor-telemetry-temperature-humidity-soil-moisture-air-quality-sensors-iiot-remote-monitor-mushrooms-2What are the essential elements for mushroom monitoring with Valarm Tools Cloud?

We’ve had a number of Industrial IoT customers request real-time data on the important factors of mushroom farming. Since we prides ourselves on our slogan, “Monitoring Anything Anywhere”, we figured we’d put together a write-up on how this can be done using off-the-shelf hardware and Valarm Tools Cloud –


ValarmCO2Graph-MK808bExcellent mushroom farming requires a controlled environment for at least these factors:


Mushroom development falls into a number of stages. Each stage requires quite strict measurements of temperature and humidity. And a close watch on the air quality, i.e., CO2 / Carbon Dioxide. In each stage, monitoring can be simplified by using off the shelf components with Valarm Tools Cloud.


  1. valarm-tools-cloud-mushroom-monitoring-industrial-iot-sensor-telemetry-temperature-humidity-soil-moisture-air-quality-sensors-iiot-remote-monitor-mushrooms-1Temperature and humidity, can be easily monitored using the Yocto Meteo sensor. The Yocto Meteo is a reliable sensor that monitors 3 factors in 1 module (Temperature & Humidity & Barometric Pressure). The Meteo sensor transmits sensor information to when it is connected to a sensor hub via a Micro to Micro USB cable.
  2. CO2 is easily monitored using a Yocto CO2 sensor. The standard version of this sensor can measure up to 10,000 ppm (vol), or 1%. The same device can be built with a 30,000 ppm sensor (3%) on demand. Furthermore there’s also a 300,000 version (30%). Just like the Meteo sensor, the CO2 sensor connects to a transmission hub via a Micro to Micro USB cable. Please don’t hesitate to Contact Us if you have any questions!


Valarm Tools Cloud Industrial IoT Air Quality Remote Monitoring Telemetry Alphasense OPC-N2 Particle Counter Particulate Matter PM2.5 PM1 PM10 10You’ll need a sensor hub device to transmit your data to Valarm Tools Cloud. This device often is a Yoctopuce Wifi sensor hub. You can also use a Yoctopuce Ethernet hub, or a Yoctopuce GSM 3G or GPRS 2G hub that connects to via any mobile cell network SIM card.

You may also need sensor data translators / adapters for the various sensors that output raw signals that require interpretation by sensor hubs. For example, a 0-10V sensor adapter with a Decagon soil moisture sensor or a Serial sensor adapter integrated with a soil temperature + soil moisture sensor. You can also add GPS / GNSS sensors for GPS-tagging all of your sensor data on a 2D or 3D map with latitude / longitude coordinates! Here are a few more sensor standards you can use with


Note that some sensors connect directly via Micro USB cables to your sensor hubs like the meteo, temperature, humidity, light, and CO2 sensors in this ‘shroom scenario.

As a final component of the hardware you’ll need enclosures for the Hub, the adapters and the overall system. You can get creative with these or purchase most of them from our online store at


Now for the fun part!


Valarm Industrial IoT Remote Monitoring Sensor Telemetry Air Quality Boxes for California Government AQMD SCAQMD IIoT application real world life customer storiesConnect all your sensors to your sensor hubs.

Configure your sensor hubs to speak to This tutorial will assist you in the configuration. Once your sensor hub devices are communicating, then map the sensors to their data output columns / fields as detailed in the step-by-step HowTo video tutorial.

Deploy the sensors into their appropriate settings for your deployment scenario. A Meteo sensor should sit at a reasonable distance near the mushrooms in order to monitor humidity and temperature appropriately. Finally power the system and watch your data stream into the cloud.

On Valarm Tools Cloud you can map your sensor data for geographic visualization on 2D and 3D Earth Globe Maps. You can set up e-mail alerting based on thresholds that are met or exceeded by your sensors, as well as SMS / text message alerts. You can get all of your GPS-tagged sensor data onto a dashboard that displays easily readable gauges and charts for further analysis. Store and analyze your data for predictive growing patterns. You and your organization can really monitor anything, anywhere!

There you have it. Real-time monitoring systems that take less than 2 hours from start to finish to get into the field. Rapidly deployable and flexible Industrial IoT solutions. For ‘shrooms, air quality, water, fluids, vehicles, trucks, and trailers with industrial equipment like pumps, tanks, and vacuums, literally anything, anywhere!

If you are assembling a system like these and need any help or recommendations, then please feel free to Contact Us at Once you’ve got your system up and running, then send us pictures of your real-time monitoring! Have a look at our Remote Sensor Monitoring, Telemetry, and Industrial IoT Customer Stories on this page for more examples of real world remote monitoring.