Your air quality may be getting better or worse. For many families in the USA and other countries, poor air quality is causing more and more health issues and dangerous conditions for all kinds of communities. Do you know what the air quality is like in your area?

In this story you’ll see how 1 of our partners, Blue Tomorrow, uses to monitor air quality for the community of Arvin in California.

Arvin, California, is continuously exposed to poor air quality from pollutants that are emitted from industrial activities, vehicles, and other sources.

Arvin has been ranked by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) as having some of the most extreme, worst ozone (O3) air pollution levels in the USA.

Each and every day, a variety of hazardous airborne pollutants arrive from nearby toxic sources throughout the communities in the San Joaquin Valley and Central Valley of California.

For these reasons among others, our partner Blue Tomorrow, has installed air quality monitoring systems in Arvin that use sensor hubs, SPI and 0-10V sensor adapters from to regularly measure:

Why monitor these air quality factors? From the project website, these are some of the goals for these air quality monitoring deployments:

  • Help determine major pollutant sources by analyzing fluctuations of contaminants in different parts of the community
  • Educate and empower the local community so they can limit their exposure to harmful air pollutants and protect sensitive populations (children, elderly, and indigent)
  • Bring greater awareness to the air quality issues in and around the southern San Joaquin Valley of California

We’re grateful to have awesome partners, like Eric and Alex at Blue Tomorrow, out there in the field installing air quality monitoring networks around the USA. Due to the success of this project in helping communities, more air pollution systems are now being installed in partnership with the California Air Resources Board / CARB.

You can see in the photos and screenshots in this blog story that this project has custom, interactive web dashboards where citizens can be aware of near real-time air quality in their community. Blue Tomorrow designed and engineered their web dashboards by using the JSON APIs with sensor hubs and sensors continuously uploading air quality sensor measurements.

That’s your overview of recent air quality monitoring systems deployed by 1 of our customers. We enjoy helping organizations like yours to effectively monitor water, air, and anything else.


Whether you need to monitor:

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