Pinot noir grapes at Longoria’s Fe Ciega Vineyard monitored with and environmental monitoring systems monitors remote environments. You, your teams, and your organization may need to monitor water, air, or anything else. is an affordable tool for remotely monitoring any environment such as water wells, flow meters, Smart Water Level Monitoring, and flood warning systems. has your Industrial IoT sensor hardware for monitoring with


Two 3.4-watt solar panels provide plenty of power.

Two 3.4-watt solar panels provide plenty of power for this remote environmental monitoring unit

In March 2013 we deployed a solar-powered environmental monitoring unit to measure the local climate of the Fe Ciega vineyard site of Longoria wines in Santa Barbara County, California.

We built a waterproof box to contain our hardware and attached it to a south-facing fence. Inside the box is an environmental monitoring system, a beefy lithium-ion battery, a solar/lithium-ion charge controller, and a tiny USB hub for attaching multiple sensors, e.g., the Yoctopuce Yocto-Meteo sensor which gathers temperature, humidity, and barometric pressure data.



Deploying the solar-powered system for remote environmental monitoring at Fe Ciega vineyard of Longoria Wines

Monitoring your environment is critical for agriculture and other industries, especially remote farms and vineyards so managers know the exact conditions of the micro-climate of their crops.

By using Industrial IoT sensor monitors to analyze temperature and humidity trends, irrigation and other adjustments can be made to maximize crop yield and protect crops from freezes, or climate-affected pests such as mildew.

Below is an example from showing five days of temperature and humidity values collected by Valarm at the vineyard.



Monitor remote environments: Valarm Tools Cloud weather data collected at Longoria’s Fe Ciega vineyard


Compare this with the general weather data for the nearest city, Lompoc:


While the low temperature for the nearby city of Lompoc was reported as 45° F, the actual overnight low temperature on the vineyard was 34° F. tells you what’s really happening in your remote environments.


Pinot Noir in Santa Barbara, California


A solar-powered Valarm unit with Yocto-Meteo sensor monitors a remote vineyard.

A solar-powered Valarm unit with Yocto-Meteo climate sensor monitors a remote vineyard