New Release: 4-20mA support!

Valarm-compatible Yoctopuce 4-20 mA USB sensor.

Valarm-compatible Yoctopuce 4-20 mA USB sensor

We’ve just released v1.2.2 of Valarm Pro, which supports the Yoctopuce 4-20mA sensor/adapter. You can buy as many as you need at This wonderful, ultra-versatile adapter opens up a world of sensors to users.

Each Yocto-4-20-mA-Rx adapter supports two channels, and Valarm supports simultaneous operation of two Yocto-4-20mA adapters! This allows you to monitor 4 independent 4-20mA sensors with a single Valarm-equipped Android device.

The 4-20mA sensor standard is very, very broadly implemented for thousands of applications across many industries. Just a few examples:

Chances are, if you need to monitor it, there’s a 4-20mA sensor available. If you’re already aware of the 4-20mA standard, then you probably already know exactly how you can use Valarm Pro with the Yoctopuce 4-20mA USB adapter to monitor, analyze, alert, on up to 4 channels of 4-20mA sensor data!

One Year Anniversary

It’s been a year (and a couple weeks) since we released Valarm Classic and Valarm Pro in the Google Play appstore, and brought our SaaS website, online.

In that time we’ve gained Industrial IoT sensor monitoring customers in more than 23 countries around the world. They’re monitoring passenger and delivery vehicles, heavy equipment, micro-climates for agriculture or insect research, frozen food transport, wineries, cross-country big-rigs, vacation homes, farms, food-processing plants, computer server rooms, and more. In fact, due to our privacy policy, we have no idea what our users are doing with Valarm, unless they contact us with questions.

We launched and have shipped sensors, custom cables, electronics, solar power, and weather-proof components for remote monitoring installations all around the world!

We’ve been busily blogging (thanks for reading!), we redesigned our website once, and we’ve been producing a well-watched series of instructional YouTube videos.

Our team is still the same 5 guys and we’ve still not accepted any outside funding or investment. We’re small, focused, and stable – and we like it that way!

What’s Next?

Well, more sensors, of course! More analytics tools on the website, more instructional video, probably an open API for subscribers. We also plan to add actuators to Valarm Pro, so you can do more than just monitor/record/alert on all the environmental or electrical factors that matter to your application – with the addition of actuators, Valarm Pro will also take other actions, like turning on a fan, pump, cooler, heater, lighting and more.

I’m exactly as excited as I was a year ago. Maybe more! When we launched we really weren’t sure whether people would understand our vision, trust our tools. But in one year Valarm has proven itself useful around the world, and we only keep  getting better!