What is Smart Water?

Is Smart Water a delicious beverage or an effective way to monitor water?

The video above gives you an overview of how our customers integrate smart water solutions with water monitoring systems.

Flood warning systems, water well monitoring, tank and water levels, and water quality measurement are Industrial IoT applications that our customers monitor with Tools.Valarm.net.

Watch the video then let us know if you have any questions . Please don’t hesitate to get in touch at Info@Valarm.net if we can help you, your teams, and your organization with any water monitoring needs.



Video Voiceover / Transcript:


Smart Water Monitoring with Industrial IoT Sensors

Howdy, this is Edward from Valarm.

What does Smart Water mean to you? Is it a drink or an effective way of monitoring one of our most precious assets on the planet?

For us, smart water means using software connected to Industrial IoT sensors in order to help organizations like yours to save time, money, and lives.

Smart water has many applications for our world. In this video we’ll go over case studies and solutions that our customers use to effectively monitor water with Tools.Valarm.net.

From flood warning systems, to monitoring water wells, tanks, water levels, pumps, flow meters and water quality, there’s a wide variety of industries that benefit from modern IoT sensor technologies.

Smart cities on the east coast of the USA have deployed these flood warning systems to help keep citizens and communities safe from environmental hazards.

Organizations throughout the states monitor flow meters, water levels, and water usage with http://Tools.Valarm.net and web dashboards.

Various organizations and government agencies monitor water quality in real-time. Whether it’s pH, conductivity, or other water quality and property factors, measuring water quality is critical for you and your family’s health.

That’s your quick overview of some of the ways that our customers apply smart water monitoring applications with Industrial IoT sensors.

If you, your teams, or your organization need these or other water monitoring systems, then please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us at Info@Valarm.net. We’re here for you and ready to help you save your time and your money with effective water monitoring solutions.