This blog entry teaches you how to upload your Valarm media such as photos and audio clips to Dropbox so you can easily share them wherever you want.  See  the blog entry about capturing photos and audio if you have any questions on how to acquire media using Valarm.


1.  Search and find Dropbox on your device using the app store Play.


2.  After you’ve installed Dropbox, launch it!


3.  Login to your Dropbox account or create a new one to get to the screen below.  Select the folder where you want to upload Valarm media and using the options menu click “Upload here”.


4.  When asked what to upload click “Other files” as seen below.


5.  Navigate to your SD card where Valarm media is stored.


6.  Here in your Internal Storage are the audio and photo directories for Valarm.


7.  Select any audio files you wish to upload to your Dropbox folder and click Upload.


8.  Likewise select any photos you want to put on your Dropbox.


9.  After they’re uploaded the Valarm files are available on any device with Dropbox, here they are in a folder on my MacBook Pro.


10.  Here I’m looking at a Valarm photo and playing a sound clip in Apple Mac OS X.  Send us any photos, audio, or other stories you have of Valarm in the Wild!