This spring Valarm did a live sensor demo on stage in the plenary at the Esri PUG conference, check out the video above!

In the video you’ll see environmental sensor data being pushed in real-time via Valarm’s APIs to the Esri GeoEvent Processor and Operations Dashboard. The Valarm sensor demo was well received and we also got great feedback on our presentation at our booth in the expo.


Valarm Team At Booth during Esri PUG 2014

Here’s the “Valarmy” that went to the Esri PUG 2014 conference: Lorenzo, Edward, Pawel, & Smith. We got a lot of interest in Valarm’s real-time, rapidly deployable, and mobile sensors + monitoring solutions. is an open platform, so your organization can use sensors made by any hardware manufacturer like Flowline, Alphasense, Senix, Campbell Scientific, McCrometer, and any others.

Take a gander at our Customer Stories page and Web Dashboards to see favorites that our customers use in their deployments.

At the conference folks were most in need of remote monitoring systems for:

Another topic of interest at PUG was Valarm sensor solutions for conforming to government regulations, i.e., planning, permitting, licensing, and land a.k.a PLL.

Below is the Valarm overview one sheet from the Valarm booth (click here for a printable PDF version).



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Valarm Overview One Sheet