UPDATE: The page below is from our legacy Android app. See this write-up for how to use Valarm Tools Cloud’s email alerts for Industrial IoT applications for water resources management, chemical distribution, asset and fleet tracking, anything your company needs to monitor.



Valarm allows you to send Email alerts as a response to any sensor being triggered.  On the device you can send an email to one recipient but if you contact us for Pro Tools access ( info@valarm.net ) you will gain access to more email functionality.


1.  To set up Valarm email alerts go to the All Settings menu.


2.  In the options menu go to Email Alerts.


3.  Next you will fill out information specific to your email account.  Enter your email address in the From field.


4.  Next, fill out the To field with the recipient’s email address.  Then enter your SMTP server.  If you are using Gmail it is smtp.gmail.com and for other services see this page or search the web.


5.  Type in your user and password (see the help button next to Enable Email Alerts for more info) then click to send a test email!


6.  Once you’re all good go back to the top of the screen to turn on Email alerts and set a reasonable throttle so you don’t get spammed.  Now you’re ready to arm if you’ve got all your other Valarm sensors and responses set up!