Research + Remote Sensor Telemetry

Valarm VOC Air Quality Sensor Downtown Los Angeles-1

Valarm sensor data (e.g., air quality here) instantly produces compelling 3D visualizations

Valarm’s a powerful research and data collection tool since it integrates a variety of sensors for remote environmental monitoring and telemetry:

Sensors built in to mobile devices are also supported: GPS, accelerometer, light sensor, microphone, camera, 3G/4G, WiFi. Valarm provides functionality for real-time data collection purposes in urban and rural environments like remote water monitoring.  Regularly timed and sensor events are uploaded in real-time via any internet connection to the Valarm Tools Cloud.

External sensors are available for Valarm at

Data can be collected at customizable time intervals (e.g., every 5 seconds or every hour) depending on the phenomena you are studying. Additionally, data can be collected based on spatial and environmental changes, e.g., alert and collect a data point when CO2 levels exceed 600 ppm (also send an email and SMS/text message), VOC levels go above 500 ppm, humidity drops below 20%, a specified velocity has been exceeded, or when the phone enters or exits a specified area or geofence.

Any combination of sensors are simultaneously available during data collection. With the mobility, portability, and price of Android™ devices, Valarm fully harnesses the power of the growing, ubiquitous coverage of data networks. If additional data collection, research, evaluation, statistical analyses, or optimization are needed, contact the Valarmy with your questions.

Valarm use cases: