Valarm Trucks With Trailer Monitoring Sensors at Warehouse Depot

Update: Industrial IoT has met the Fleet Tracking industry

Have a look here to see our latest fleet vehicle tracking solutions for industries like chemical distribution, natural resources, and any other commercial or government agencies that utilize transportation and mobile assets.

You can also create custom geofence zones that trigger whenever your mobile assets are inside or outside of your designated geofences.




Valarm’s Public Tracking feature allows you to track anything in real-time and share it publicly.  Perhaps you have the town’s most delicious tacos in your taco trucks and want people to know the location where the tacos are selling every day.  If you’re late or early or have a sudden last minute change of location your customers will still be able to find you!  Or if you deliver other food, goods, lumber, or anything else, your customers want to know when your product will arrive.  With Valarm Public Tracking you can give your customers a web address where they see exactly where their package is in real-time so they really know when it’s going to get there instead of “this afternoon”.


1.  Here’s the first main page of Public Tracking on


2.  Select a Device in the dropdown menu then click “create new tracker” to get the screen below. In this example we are doing a taco truck delivery to Elvis and Oprah.


3.  After you’ve given your public tracker a name you can decide the start and end dates for which the public tracker will be visible.  You can also return to this screen at any time to enable or disable the tracker.  Once the address is input click Map Address to confirm the location.


4.  Now our newly created taco truck public tracker shows up in the public tracker list!  If you have Valarm Pro Tools (contact us at for more info) you get access to the Public Tracker API and you will also be able to set up blackout zones.  Blackout zones are customized areas where your Valarm device tracker is not visible.  You may want to use this if you have a depot or headquarters for your taco trucks, limousines, anything else valuable and you don’t want your location to be visible in that zone.  You will see more details on blackout zones in part 7. of this page!


5.  The Web URL for your public tracker is the address to share with your clients or anyone else who wants to know your location.  The image below shows the location where the Valarm device was last seen.


6.  Click “map it!” to see the Valarm device’s current location and its destination.  There’s also an estimated arrival time so people really know the situation up to the moment.


7.  Now let’s go to “manage blackout zones” under Public Tracking and check out blackout zones.


8.  In the Blackout Zones dialog window we’re going to create a new zone.


9.  In this example our taco truck depot is in western Los Angeles near Culver City and we don’t want people to know exactly where the truck sleeps at night for security reasons.  We also don’t want anyone trying to hitch a ride to hang out with Elvis and Oprah!  If you run a limousine service or have any other valuables consider setting up a blackout zone to hide specific locations from the public.  Here I’ve typed the location of the blackout zone into the Map Search field and clicked the search button.  You can adjust the size of the blackout zone by grabbing the circle with arrows and dragging it.


10.  Now that we’ve saved the blackout zone it shows up in the list of blackout zones.  You can edit it at any time to enable or disable it.  Create more for your specific scenario.  Perhaps you are serving a client at a private residence and don’t want the public showing up so you can create another blackout zone there.


11.  Now the Valarm device’s location will not show up in the Public Tracker while the blackout zone is enabled and the device is within that blackout zone.  Hence below we just see the destination but once the Valarm device leaves the blackout zone it will show up on the Public Tracker page.  Try out Valarm’s Public Tracker and let us know what you’re using it for!