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Your Air & Water Monitoring with Industrial IoT

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What Does Your Organization Need To Monitor?

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Effectively Monitor Your

Industrial Equipment, Vehicles, Trucks, + Trailers

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Industrial IoT for Remotely Monitoring Sensors

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Industrial IoT Applications for Your Industry


2 Ways to Use Valarm Industrial IoT Solutions

Contact Us & We’ll Help Your Organization Do It

  • We’ll help you decide what to use for monitoring with
  • If you’ve got existing sensors already deployed in the field, we’ll help you connect them to where you need them
  • Integrate the power source appropriate for you – solar, mains, or others
  • Use Internet connectivity that’s best for you – WiFi, Ethernet, GSM, others
  • Help you with our APIs to integrate your real-time, GPS-tagged sensor data into your business intelligence / analytics systems
  • Train you and your staff on how to build, deploy, configure or any other assistance you need with your remote monitoring solutions
  • Make a web dashboard for you, your organization, internal and/or customer facing like these for telemetry of water wells + flow meters + usage, tank levels + volumes, wild fire risk + weather sensors
  • See our Customer Stories page for stories from the field helping customers solve their specific challenges
  • Send us a message at & we’ll help you deploy your most effective sensor monitoring systems & solutions

Do It Yourself

  • Get the Industrial IoT hardware you need from the Valarm Hardware Store at
  • Follow our step by step video tutorial on connecting sensor hubs to
  • Watch video guides on how to use Valarm Tools Cloud features like APIs, mapping (2D & 3D) , graphing, and analytics
  • Use our API Docs to get your Valarm sensor and remote monitoring data just how you want it – on your map, in your graphs, or on a custom Industrial Internet of Things / IoT sensor telemetry dashboard
  • Our Customer Stories Page has details on a wide variety of Industrial IoT deployments that tell you what you’ll need and how to build and configure your solution
  • Have a look at our blog for stories with guides on exactly how to set up telemetry solutions for your scenarios
  • Please don’t hesitate to Contact Us at if you need any help or advice with your remote monitoring and sensor solutions!


Recent Entries from the Valarm Blog

Valarm is used in over 45 countries around the world!

Customers all over the world are using Valarm software to monitor, record, track, and alert on factors that matter to their industry and business. Valarm’s powerful, user-friendly connectors, integrated tools website, and customized Industrial IoT sensor dashboards can be easily configured for thousands of possible scenarios.

Purchase Valarm compatible sensor hardware here!

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