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Track Your New Driver

New drivers (especially teenagers) are far more susceptible to accidents or irresponsible driving behavior. According to the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, “the crash rate per mile driven for 16-19 year-olds is 4 times the risk for older drivers.” No tracking system by itself can prevent accidents or change behavior. But knowing where your loved ones are at any time can bring peace of mind. Knowing how they drive when you’re not around can help you promote safe driving habits.

Valarm is available on the Google Play store
How it works

Install Valarm on an Android™ phone (even an older or inexpensive phone will probably work fine, and an inexpensive plan will suffice), password protect the phone if necessary, activate Valarm, and stash the phone anywhere in the car (the engine compartment is NOT recommended: high heat destroys phones). Set the interval timer, and Valarm will periodically notify you of its location via text message, email, or our tools website. If you’d rather not receive periodic updates, you can use your own phone to send a text message to the Valarm-equipped phone with a configurable password. Within moments Valarm will reply with a text message that includes its location.

Valarm can respond to text messages
Powerful Features

Valarm can also alert you when your vehicle has travelled faster than any speed you set as a limit, beyond any distance from home you specify, or too close to any location you specify! Take it to the next level with Valarm’s OBD2 integration which can alert you to a driver “flooring it”, or even just racing the engine, speeding (without OBD2, the built-in GPS can also monitor speed). Valarm can even detect an engine overheating situation. In a future release, we’ll include monitoring of vehicle malfunctions (e.g. engine trouble) and other vehicle status.



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