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Lorenzo Gonzalez, CEO & Edward Pultar, PhD, President                                FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE                                                                                                        January 1, 2016

California, USA

Valarm was born when Lorenzo (Founder, CEO) woke up one morning to discover his precious, customized motorcycle had been stolen by professional thieves. Originally Valarm was conceived as an affordable and accessible theft-prevention and vehicle tracking device which Lorenzo would use himself to protect his replacement bike. Apparently thieves frequently check back after successfully stealing one vehicle: they know the owner has insurance and will eventually get a new one!  Although it is still an excellent theft tracking solution, today Valarm has evolved into a general purpose platform for Industrial IoT applicationsmobile data acquisitionasset/vehicle tracking, and remote monitoring and telemetry solutions.


What are today’s key essentials of Valarm in just a few words and pictures? See:


Valarm is Industrial IoT. We provide rapid, effective deployment of geo-enabled, real-time, mobile and stationary sensor networks.

As an open platform Valarm connects virtually any sensor (existing in the field or brand new out of the box) to Valarm Tools Cloud and displays your real-time, geo-located data in your dashboard and business intelligence / analytics systems like a GIS.

We specialize in providing ready-to-go packages for the petroleum and oil & gas industries. With Valarm you and your teams can easily monitor your assets (water, air and fluids) for any number of factors (rate of flow, volume, quality).

Valarm uses sensor hubs / connector devices connected to sensors, along with an integrated suite of web-based tools (Valarm Tools Cloud) to track almost anything via GPS / GNSS, and remotely monitor almost any environment via Industrial IoT sensors. Commercial fleet managers use Valarm as a vehicle or container-tracking device with additional, mobile sensor information. Farmers use it to remotely monitor their crops. Businesses use it to monitor indoor air quality (IAQ, CO2 and VOCs) and improve decision-making and creative abilities. Natural Resources, petroleum, oil & gas companies use Valarm to monitor remote environmental factors. Governments use Valarm to monitor water factors like water flow. You can get Valarm compatible sensors at

Have a look at our Customer Stories page for more stories / use cases on Valarm Industrial IoT applications in various industries.

Also see Valarm’s Web Dashboards for Remote Monitoring, Telemetry, Sensors & Industrial IoT.

Valarm integrates Industrial IoT sensor hardware to monitor and alert based on environmental and/or mechanical factors including, but not limited to:

Valarm Tools Cloud can immediately distribute configurable alerts via email. All of your Valarm Industrial IoT sensor information can be forwarded to your business intelligence / analytics systems or downloaded at any time using our open APIs like JSON. Real-time, remote sensor information is available on any device with a web browser, like a phone or tablet, using Web Dashboards for Remote Monitoring, Telemetry, Sensors & Industrial IoT.

The flood of powerful, inexpensive dedicated sensor hub devices create an opportunity for extremely useful, connected, geo-enabled remote monitoring applications. Valarm’s small, mobile, energy-efficient, and highly compute-capable platform is a very compelling for mobile data acquisition and remote environmental monitoring. Connected via cell network (2G/3G/4G/GPRS), ethernet, or WiFi, Valarm Industrial IoT applications easily create the powerful “sensor-web”, “digital oil field”, and other buzz words long dreamed-of by industry, academia and research organizations, manufacturing, food & chemical storage, farms, and even hobbyists.

In other words, you can configure your Industrial IoT, remote monitoring, and telemetry hardware with Valarm Tools Cloud to map, alert, analyze, or email when any sensor is triggered by your settings, for example:


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Valarm Sensor Data: CO2 ppm levels

Valarm sensor data: CO2 ppm levels


Valarm Tools analytical mapping: helicopter path


Valarm Tools sensor data graph