Emergency Vehicles

Valarm can be used to locate deployed emergency vehicles or personnel. To meet your specific needs Valarm can be customized according to your agency. Valarm is capable of transferring audio, photo, video (coming soon!), and location data in real-time. A command center can access this information and use it before arriving on the scene in order to gain a more complete situational awareness en route. Contact us for more information about custom applications and analysis.

Municipal Fleets

Valarm can be used to track municipal fleet vehicles such as waste disposal or parking enforcement.  Valarm can report vehicle locations in real-time at a given interval in addition to when the vehicle is turned on or off.  Web services provided by Valarm let you know when a vehicle sits idle or when a vehicle exceeds a certain speed.  Once route data is collected then the routes can be analyzed for efficiency and optimized for custom objectives. The Valarm website provides several tools and reports to help data analysis. The website also allows an operator or technician to download the raw data as .csv or .kml. Your own team can perform the analysis or contact a Valarm data analytics consultant about your specific needs.