Real-Time + Geo-Enabled + Mobile Sensors In The Cloud

This geovisualization, made for the Esri Data Viz App Challenge, shows Valarm's mobile + real-time + geo-tagged sensor capabilities with a taste of Valarm Tools Cloud features. The map was coded in JavaScript using the Esri ArcGIS JavaScript API and the Valarm Tools Cloud JSONP API to visualize real-time sensor data gathered from the rooftops of Washington, D.C., city vehicles.

See the picture to the right with 1 of the multiple vehicles that's collecting this sensor data right now! On the rooftops of the vehicles are the custom sensor enclosures that we designed then printed with our 3D printer. The sensor housing on top of the vehicle is held down with magnets and inside sensor hat is the sensor itself. Valarm software is inside the vehicles collecting the following sensor data in real-time - temperature, humidity, pressure. The geo-tagged sensor data is sent from a phone to the Valarm Tools Cloud via the Verizon network. Then the Valarm JSONP API is called in this map to gather the latest 2000 sensor data points and then map them with the Esri ArcGIS JavaScript API. The sensor data (temperature in this case) is visualized by class breaks using color and size to show low vs. high sensor values. The sensor data is split into 7 equal interval classes and then higher sensor values are visualized as the larger, red circles and lower sensor values are the smaller, green circles with yellow and orange points in-between. Additional sensors deployed include air quality and volatile organic compounds (VOCs), check out this write-up for more info on the project.

The map automatically refreshes every 2 minutes with the latest real-time sensor data from the field! You can click any sensor data point to see its info and a button to refresh the map with the latest real-time sensor data. A big thank you to City of Washington, D.C., and OCTO DCGIS for the draft of their awesome base map used here as well as making this whole project possible! Also thanks to Verizon for the connector hardware and cell data connectivity! See for more info on Valarm and remote environmental monitoring.