UPDATE: Industrial IoT meets Fleet Tracking! Below is from our legacy Android app. Click here to view our latest Fleet vehicle tracking solutions for industries like oil & gas, industrial cleaning services, chemical distribution, mining, and other transportation.



Valarm provides powerful package-tracking capability, allowing you to monitor the location of your shipment in near real-time by using GPS sensors connected to your Industrial IoT sensor hubs.

By using your IoT device’s sensors, you can also tell whether the package has been tampered with (if the light sensor is triggered) or subjected to rough handling (as measured by the accelerometer). In addition, by plugging in any external sensor, you can monitor other aspects of your package’s journey as well, such as temperature, exposure to moisture, radiation levels, etc.—whatever you require.

All information is updated on Tools.Valarm.net, and you can choose to receive locational or other alerts via e-mail and SMS text messages. If your Valarm device should lose contact with the network at any point, data will be stored in the local Industrial IoT device’s internal memory and synchronized to our cloud servers as soon as a connection is next established.

When shipping Valarm devices, we recommend using an external battery pack to extend the device’s battery life. This will ensure uninterrupted package tracking and monitoring service.