Monitor Anything, Anywhere™

From agriculture and viticulture, to fleets of vehicles with precious cargo, to environmental factors (such as Smart Water monitoringwater levels, flood warning systems, and water flow) in distant facilities, Valarm monitors anything, anywhere. allows economical, real-time tracking and historical analysis of your environment, vehicles, equipment, or other assets.

Your Industrial IoT sensor hubs connect to Valarm Tools Cloud to enable a complete, simple, and portable fleet tracking or remote environmental monitoring system.

By interfacing with external sensors, will monitor virtually any factor affecting your facilities or operations: ambient and spot temperatures, humidity, pressure, water levels, or anything else. You customize alerts (SMS, email, web) with selectable triggers.


You, your teams, and your organization can use to effectively monitor sensors made by any hardware manufacturer.

Our customers install and deploy sensors from companies like Senix, Geokon, and ClairAir.

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We’re here and ready to help you install your most effective monitor solutions, so you can save your time and your money.