How To Remotely Monitor with


1. Get Your Valarm compatible sensors and sensor hub connector devices.

Sensor hubs send your remote monitoring information to via any internet connectivity, like GSM or WiFi.


2. Link your Industrial IoT sensor hardware to as shown in the video above.

On you and your team can map (2D & 3D), graph, analyze, export, alert, download, and forward your geotagged sensor data in real-time to your business intelligence / analytics systems using our APIs.

ValarmToolsEsriArcGISColorSizeBreaks1 with Industrial IoT sensor information analyzed using Esri ArcGIS tools




Whether you need to monitor water, air quality, bridges, hydraulics, fleet vehicles with industrial equipment, machinery, trucks, trailers, flood monitoring systems, or anything else, we’re happy to help your organization monitor anything, anywhere.

Have a look at our Customer Stories page for more examples of how is used by various industries to monitor things like:

Since is an open platform, your organization can remotely monitor sensors made by any hardware manufacturer around the world, like:

How can you, your teams, and your organization improve operations and benefit from effective Industrial IoT applications? Use custom Web Dashboards to remotely monitor your sensor systems from any of your devices, like phones or tablets.

We’re happy to help your organization deploy your most effective remote monitoring systems for your specific needs.

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