Do you want to geo-enable your WiFi or ethernet sensor hub? Valarm Tools Cloud ( ) now supports the Yoctopuce Yocto – GPS – the sensor with a square antenna attached to it in the photo above! This adds latitude / longitude position coordinates to your Yocto Sensor Hub devices (e.g., WiFi Hub & Ethernet Hub) now making them location aware. With a YoctoHub + GPS connected to the Valarm Tools Cloud you’ll now see your real-time sensor data on a map as seen in the this blog post.

Valarm Sensor Monitoring Solutions Yoctopuce Yocto GPS Support Valarm Tools Cloud Screenshot 1

In order to do this you’ll need a Yocto – GPS and a Yocto Hub Ethernet or Wireless. Once you have the hardware and sensors for what you’d like to monitor then you can follow the steps in this video tutorial to connect your geo-tagged sensor data to the Valarm Tools Cloud using the Yocto-API.

With the Valarm Tools Cloud screenshots you see here we used a WiFi hub with 3 sensors:

You can easily use Valarm for real-time remote environmental monitoring with thousands of different sensor factors using sensor standards like 4-20mA, RS-232, 0-10V, and more. Check out these items for more info on using rapidly deployable, cost-effective Valarm sensor and monitoring solutions for:

Valarm Sensor Monitoring Solutions Yoctopuce Yocto GPS Support Valarm Tools Cloud Screenshot 4

You can also download your Valarm sensor data in CSV and other formats using the Valarm Tools Cloud Device Manager. Additionally, our real-time APIs allow you to forward your geo-enabled sensor data in real-time using JSON, GeoRSS, and other formats.

Valarm Sensor Monitoring Solutions Yoctopuce Yocto GPS Support Valarm Tools Cloud Screenshot 3

The Yocto-GPS device is a 32 channel receiver for GNSS signals from GPS and GLONASS satellites. This GPS device using these signals to determine the position (latitude & longitude coordinates) of the receiver, its speed, and the current time.

The device can provide its positioning data at 10Hz, with a resolution of 10-6 degrees, approximately 10cm. The absolute precision expected with clear satellite view is about 1.5m.

This device uses an external active antenna, using a U.FL (IPEX) connector. A small patch antenna (25 x 25mm, without an enclosure) with a 10cm cable is included with the device. You can also use any other active GPS antenna, for instance a larger antenna in a waterproof enclosure with a long cable.

We’re excited about this new functionality and having devices in addition to Androids being able to send real-time, geo-tagged data to the Valarm Tools Cloud! This is an excellent, cost-effective solution for monitoring mobile assets (e.g., vehicles) where you also need additional sensor information with each data collection point.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions!

Below are a few more photos of the Yocto – GPS connected to a WiFi hub with an air quality and meteo sensor. This is the deployment that was used to collect the data shown in the Valarm Tools Cloud screenshots of this blog post.