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Valarm Pro app + Samsung Android + McCrometer E700 waterflow sensor for real-time water monitoring.

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You and your team can use water flow sensors (like the McCrometer E7000 seen above or the McCrometer EA618) with Valarm to monitor water flow rate in real-time! Whether you’re monitoring agriculture / viticulture, oil / gas / mining, municipal water treatment facilities or other water plants, Valarm provides a cost-effective, rapidly deployable monitoring solution.

The example McCrometer E7000 in the photo above has an output that is linear with flowrate and uses the industry standard 2-wire 4-20 mA output. It can be installed in addition to any existing meters on the pipes and the E7000 supports meter sizes as large as 24″. The 4-20mA sensors send their sensor data using a closed loop so the sensor signal can travel long distances, up to thousands of feet / many meters!

Since the Valarm Pro app supports industry standard 4-20mA sensors you get an affordable, real-time telemetry solution using a dedicated Android device. Flowrates are uploaded to the Valarm Tools Cloud via any internet connection (e.g., cell network 2G/3G/4G, WiFi, other) where you can map, graph, analyze, download, or forward your data in real-time using Valarm’s APIs.


Valarm Tools Cloud Device Manager Graph WaterFlow-Monitor-McCrometer-E7000

Graph from Valarm Tools Cloud showing waterflow sensor data acquired using Valarm Pro and the McCrometer E7000.


Valarm Tools Cloud Esri ArcGIS Map WaterFlow-Monitor-McCrometer-E7000

All Valarm telemetry data is geotagged and viewable on maps at You and your team can also download your water flow data for further analysis in software like a GIS and/or forward sensor information in real-time using Valarm APIs.