Valarm AGRX Deployment Oxnard remote realtime tank monitoring - 1

Can you remotely monitor tanks in real-time with Valarm? Absolutely!

Update: Click here to see Valarm’s web-based dashboards for remote tank level / volume monitoring

During the summer of 2015 we started monitoring tanks for AGRX in California, a leading supplier of traditional and organic crop protection and nutrient products. As you see in the picture above they’ve got a bunch of tanks filled with a variety of products!

Manually measuring the tanks takes a lot of time and money. Hence our customer figured there had to be a better way than monitoring the tank levels by hand!

The Valarm Industrial IoT tank monitoring solution is cost-effective and rapidly deployable. Valarm’s Industrial IoT applications are part of an open platform so you can use the hardware that’s the best fit for you, your application, your environment.

In this deployment WiFi internet connectivity made sense since the tanks are stationary and close together. Additionally, wireless internet is easier, more reliable and more cost-effective than cell network data coverage for this environment. We used TP-Link CPE210 antennas / wireless access points to send and receive WiFi signals around the tanks. In the photos below shows a Valarm monitoring box with the key components to make Valarm sensor solutions for tank monitoring:



Valarm AGRX Deployment Oxnard remote realtime tank monitoring - 4

Note that each 4-20mA sensor adapter supports 2 channels. In the picture above you see a sensor hub connector device monitoring 4 tanks since it’s connected to 2 4-20mA sensor adapters, which lets you monitor 4 tanks with 1 Valarm unit!



Valarm AGRX Deployment Oxnard remote realtime tank monitoring - 6

Wireless internet antenna / access point to get remote Valarm tank monitoring sensor data to the Valarm Tools Cloud in real-time



Valarm AGRX Deployment Oxnard remote realtime tank monitoring - 5

The tanks all have Flowline ultrasonic / sonar level sensors on the tops

See below for a screenshot of a graph of tank level sensor data.

Note that you can also download all of your Valarm sensor data in CSV and other data formats – Valarm is an open platform and your data is never trapped anywhere, it’s yours to use however you need to! Use the Valarm APIs to get your sensor data to your endpoints in real-time like these examples with source code for Valarm sensor data on



Valarm Tools Cloud Agrx tank monitoring oil shed 4 tanks graph

Valarm Tools Cloud graph of tank levels


Valarm AGRX Deployment Oxnard remote realtime tank monitoring - 3

Oil tank structure monitored by Valarm


Valarm AGRX Deployment Oxnard remote realtime tank monitoring - 2

Valarm tank monitoring box deployed at AGRX

What does your business need to monitor? You can follow this step-by-step video tutorial to get your Valarm sensor devices (available at up and running exactly like we did at this tank monitoring deployment! Note that you can use sensors from any manufacturer like Omega or Maxbotix.

Next up we’ll be doing more Industrial IoT by monitoring more tanks for AGRX at their additional sites, followed by more tank monitoring around the world! Have a look at this follow-up story on solar powered remote tank monitoring using WiFi.



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On our Industrial IoT Web Dashboards Page you’ll see how these tanks levels and other asset information are available on your phone, tablet, laptop computer, or any other device with a web browser!

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