This week we released new versions of the Valarm Android apps to help you monitor even more in more places! You can update your app using the Google Play store, which now has v1.3.0 of Valarm Pro and v1.0.8 of Valarm Classic.

The big news for Valarm Pro v1.3.0 is new support for 8 channels of Yoctopuce temperature sensors. This lets you monitor up to 8 different temperatures using thermocouples or PT100. You can purchase a Valarm compatible thermocouple sensor at Each Yocto-thermocouple sensor has 2 channels so with 4 of them you can monitor 8 separate point temperatures. See the example graph below from Valarm Tools Cloud, which has 4 temperature channels.

Valarm Thermocouples 4 Channel Graph

Valarm Tools Cloud graph with 4 channels of thermocouple sensor data

Also in this latest release of Valarm Pro and Valarm Classic, Esri Leaflet/Open Street Maps has replaced Google Maps for broader device compatibility. Many Android devices don’t come with Google Maps so using these Esri Leaflet web-based browser maps opens up the Valarm app for use on a wider variety of Android devices.

Valarm App Esri Leaflet OSM Map Screenshot

Did you know that Valarm’s support for the Yocto-Knob (5 sensor channels of electrical resistance / switches / potentiometers) now does custom/limited Alerts and has an “All Clear” feature? Here’s the help description from the Valarm Pro app and screenshot below:

The “Alert Mode” option allows you to set the maximum number of Alerts (e.g. SMS/Text, Email, Web) sent for each Trigger. For example if you set this to “Two”, Valarm will send only two Alert messages until the sensor has gone back within min/max range, or triggered a different Alert from the same Sensor. For example a Min will reset the count for Max, and vice-versa. A reading which falls between Min and Max will also reset the count.

The “All Clear” option will cause an “All Clear” message to be sent when the sensor goes back into the “normal” range, that is, in-between the min and max thresholds. In the case of the Yocto-Knob modes “Open=Max” this will cause an All Clear message to be sent when the switch is Closed again.

Valarm App Knob All Clear Max Alerts