Above is the video with Valarm’s real-time sensor networks being demonstrated on stage in the keynote plenary at the Esri Federal GIS Conference in Washington, DC! We used temperature, humidity, light, and air quality sensors in the demo.

The live VOC (volatile organic compounds) and CO2 (carbon dioxide) air quality data from Valarm is pushed in real-time to the Esri GeoEvent Processor and Dashboard for ArcGIS.

Take a gander at our air quality monitoring systems page for more on how you, your teams, and your organization can monitor air quality.

If you need to monitor water or fluids then see our fluids and water monitoring page for effective water resources management.

The story involves a scenario where the National Guard has been called in to carry supplies to storm victims after an evacuation due to a natural disaster. After integrating Valarm sensors with the emergency operations center, supplies were transported safely to a supply shelter for the emergency victims. Specifically, in the video above you see:

These sensors are used to measure environmental factors. We also used a Yocto-Knob sensor to monitor a truck door opening and closing to know when it’s being unloaded or even looted.

Truck equipped with Valarm sensors to monitor doors opening and closing.

Truck equipped with Valarm sensors to monitor doors opening and closing


Tools.Valarm.net is an open platform, so your organization can use sensors made by any hardware manufacturer like Flowline, Alphasense, Senix, Campbell Scientific, McCrometer, and any others.

Take a gander at our Customer Stories page and Web Dashboards to see favorites that our customers use in their deployments.


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