One challenging part of running a tech startup is making people understand what your powerful and complex product does – in a quick and easy way. Ever since we launched Valarm people have been telling us we should produce an overview video. When we describe Valarm some people just don’t “get it”, sometimes even the smartest people at Silicon Beach tech gatherings! So we’re hoping this video will clear things up and make the nature of Valarm a little more obvious.

We’ve created this 1-minute video with animations showing what Valarm can do and we’re curious to see what effects it will have on product interest. The product is still the same, it does remote environmental monitoring, mobile data acquisition, and asset / fleet tracking. However, is a friendly, colorful, animated video an effective way to generate interest and good first impressions for a tech startup? We’ll find out now that the video is front and center on the homepage, as well as the Google Play listing for Valarm Pro. 🙂