Now you can use powerful, advanced Esri ArcGIS Tools with your Valarm sensor data on the Valarm Tools website. Valarm compatible sensors are available at This provides a variety of quality basemaps such as National Geographic and Open Street Map for any Valarm scenario including remote environmental monitoring, mobile data acquisition, and asset / vehicle tracking. Simply select your Valarm devices and date ranges to work with your data and don’t worry: you can’t delete any of your data or devices with these Esri ArcGIS tools so feel free to click around! Valarm is an Esri Business Partner thus more features and basemaps will be added in the future, please don’t hesitate to send us a request ( see comments section below ) if you’d like to have something in particular.

Key new features for Valarm Tools from Esri ArcGIS API:

  • 9 Basemaps (Including imagery, terrain, topographic, oceans, OpenStreetMap, National Geographic)
  • Geocoder (Type in a location and hit enter to zoom to that place)
  • Symbolize any sensor data with class breaks using different colors or point sizes or a combination of both.


Symbolize your sensor data by color and / or size using the Esri ArcGIS class breaks algorithm.


View your Valarm sensor data on any of 9 different basemaps including satellite imagery, streets, light gray canvas, terrain, National Geographic, OpenStreetMap, and topographic.


You can quickly go to different locations and view your sensor data using the geocoder in upper left part of the map.