Valarm at Air and Waste 2014

Pawel from Valarm & Mike Sumich from Esri showing the power of geo-tagged, real-time sensors.

We went to our first Air & Waste Management Association (AWMA) conference this spring. It was held in Long Beach, California, and we joined up with Esri and showed conference attendees the power of Valarm with the Esri ArcGIS Platform for sensor and monitoring solutions for customers in any industry.

Just as you’d think there was plenty of interest in air quality monitoring. Valarm’s affordable remote environmental monitoring solutions were a big hit for monitoring VOCs, CO2other gases (e.g., O3 / Ozone, NOx / Nitrogen OxidesH2S / hydrogen sulfide, PM2.5, and methane), and more!

With all Valarm sensor data being geo-tagged and mobile, people were shocked to hear how easy it is to collect localized sensor data in the year 2014 and put it in the cloud in real-time. Additionally we found projects interested in one of our latest sensor additions: the geiger counter / radiation monitor. We’re looking forward to next year’s AWMA!